Cow dong based Vermi Compost


Vermi compost is richer in many nutrients than compost produced by other composting methods.
It also contains millions of microbes which help break down nutrients already present in the soil into plant-available forms.

Unlike other compost, worm castings also contain worm mucus which keeps nutrients from washing away with the first watering and holds moisture better than plain soil.
Worm compost is usually too rich and gummy for use alone as a seed starter, and is used as a top dressing or mixed with soil in a ratio of one to four. Most fruit and seed pits are reported to germinate in vermicompost easily.

Vermi compost benefits soil by improving its

  • Physical structure
  • Enriching soil in micro-organisms
  • Adding plant hormones such as auxins and gibberellic acid and adding enzymes such as phosphatase and cellulase
  • Attracting deep-burrowing earthworms already present in the soil
  • Improving water holding capacity
  • Enhancing germination
  • Plant growth, and crop yield and improving root growth and structure.