Made from Rice bran

Bokashi is the Japanese term for “fermented organic matter”. The bokashi system doesn’t compost the food, but instead puts the waste through a fermentation process. The system is based on the use of  Effective Microbes (EMs),  which consist of naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms, a mixture of bacteria and fungi. The EMs are supplied mixed with molasses in a natural bran-based medium which is layered with the organic waste in a sealed airtight bucket.  Left for at least two weeks the waste will be sufficiently broken down to enable it to be placed in a normal composter or worm bin or buried in the ground, without creating unpleasant smells or attracting flies. It then composts down very quickly.

Other uses

The undiluted liquid can be poured down kitchen and bathroom drains or toilets or into septic tank systems, where the Effective Micro-organisms (EMs) will help to control odours and prevent algae build-up.

The bokashi bran can be added to chicken food to reduce the acidity and smell of their manure. Feed daily at a rate of 5% of the weight of their feed and sprinkle on the dropping tray under the perching bars. Bokashi also can be added to compost heaps or used in composting toilets to breakdown organic matter.


Made from Wooden bran


Made from Wheat bran

Benefits of Bokashi Bran

  • Converts kitchen waste into useable compost, including food scraps such meat, fish and cooked wastes which normally aren’t composted.
  • The container takes up little room and is odour free so can be kept in the kitchen.
  • The process is very easy, and can be done on any scale.
  • Organic matter can be broken down into compost within a couple of months.
  • The compost produces fertiliser, improves the soil condition, and adds beneficial microbes.
  • The liquid produced can be used as fertiliser, or to keep drains clear, or added to a septic tank.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions are low as the fermenting process is fast, and the waste composts quickly at low temperatures once dug into the soil.
  • You do need somewhere to empty the bins to complete the composting process, either your own garden, or maybe in a friend’s garden or at the local allotments.
chicken waste compost maker

Chicken Waste Compost Maker

fish waste compost maker

Fish Waste Compost Maker

Chicken & Fish Waste Compost Maker

Chicken and Fish waste can be easiy fermented without any bad odour in your home or food industry by sprinkling the magic microbes enriched bran. It controls bad smell inside your home. You can later bury the fermented food waste in soil. Leave it for a month and use them for your farm or garden. You can now have the best soil to grow.