Self Watering Planter Box

Conservation of water is the prime concern that the country is facing and will continue to encounter in what promises to be bleak days ahead. The plants grown in the Self-Watering Containers provide a uniform point of moisture directly to the plants. The users of the gadget can easily get their requirement of organic vegetables and herbaceous plants in any place. Water-soluble plant nourishments can be mixed with the water and fed through the sprout provided for filling water in the reservoir.
The water level indicator eliminates the dilemma of guess work of over watering or under watering. By installing Self-watering containers, watering of plants could be limited at an interval of 10-15 days depending upon the plants condition. The plants in self-watering pots have continuous access to water through transpiration pull which never gets interrupted. The containers contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Philosophically, the plants grown in the self watering pots remain really stress free while going through the process of growing.

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